Don’t Wish Your Days Away

Who thinks about how they want to spend their retirement?

<I’m over here waving my hands in the air, frantically shouting ME! ME!>

Some of you may be scratching your head saying to yourself, “I never really thought about it.” Others may be saying “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford to retire!” And then there’s me who thinks about retirement more than a late 30 something should.

When discussing this topic with my very wordly aunt, I stated that I wanted a retirement like hers – one where I could travel the world. Go wherever the wind takes me.

Her reply was serious, almost crestfallen. She said:

“Don’t wish your years away.”

Wow! That was like a slap across the face because it’s what I do. ALL.THE.DAMN.TIME. Case in point, a conversation with my sister the other day:


It irritates me to be reminded of it – only because I know she’s right. Plus, she has four kids so her life is way more chaotic than mine. But it’s so hard not to think:

  • “I can’t wait until my 11 month old can sleep through the night.” Mind you, she did! She was our mythical baby and then she started to teeth at four months, had ear infections from 6-9 months (tubes inserted at 9months) and soon thereafter, separation anxiety/stranger danger began.
  • “When can I stop shouting at my 3.5 yr old  ‘Did you wash your hands?’ ‘Get your hands out of your pants.’ ‘Go wash your hands again!'”

I know this time is going to fly by and I’ll suddenly wake up an empty nester wanting the good ole’ days back (like how I currently want to relive college). But constantly being needed 24/7 by tiny humans who are straight up verbally abusive, makes me crave the future days of solitude. I’m not quite sure how to give in to the chaos or go with the flow of it all. How to laugh at the spilled milk or get excited for early morning soccer games on Saturdays. (Apparently it’s frowned upon to pre-game for them?)

So yes, I’m guilty of letting my mind wander to what my retirement will look like. How Jay and I will spend our kid-free days. Perhaps we’ll island hop or roam around the U.K. country-side. Maybe we’ll eat our way through the patisseries in Paris and day drink along the Seine.

Indulging in these thoughts are what gets me through the bad days. So let me have it – if only momentarily. Placate me and say “won’t it be great?” Because right now, I don’t see an end in sight.


Tell me,

What are your tips on not wasting your years away? Comment below!


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