New Years Resolution Check-In

I know some may scoff at the idea of New Years Resolutions but I love them! It allows me to start the year fresh with a new perspective. I fully encourage those to make your own list – even if we’re a couple months into the year.

Here’s mine (yes, I hand wrote it!). It’s sitting in my desk drawer.


  1. So far, we are really adhering to this resolution! I am very mindful of any spending we are doing. I decided to use to help keep track of our spending and I’ve been pleased with their platform.
  2. I have only made one frivolous purchase thus far. It was a home decor item that I was going to buy last year but was waiting for it to go on sale. I scooped it up when it finally did. So does it really even count? šŸ™‚
  3. We have paid off my car and are working towards my husbands! We are hoping to have it paid off by the end of the year.
  4. Since I’m in the throes of my busy season, this one will have to wait until the summer.
  5. Keeping this one up!
  6. Failing at this one. It’s so damn cold!
  7. I feel like I’m succeeding in this one. Maybe because they’re at school/daycare more now that I’m working. I consider this a win. Ask me in the summer though and it will be an entirely different answer!
  8. It depends how my evening went with my 11 month old. For some reason, I just can’t wake up earlier than I have to. I need to be better with this. I feel like I could achieve so much more with an earlier wake up.
  9. Failed.
  10. Give me until summer.
  11. YES! I have been cleaning out closets and organizing drawers.
  12. Fail.
  13. Fail.
  14. Eeehhhh…I’m more mindful of the thoughts in my head šŸ™‚


Tell me,

What are some of your resolutions? Are you keeping them? Comment below!

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