Surviving A Lawsuit

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to send you into a pit of despair and bleed your bank account, it’s a lawsuit – specifically when you are getting sued.

I don’t think there’s any worse feeling in the world than being accused of something you DID.NOT.DO.

If you know the person, it’s especially gut wrenching. How could they think you are capable of something so despicable?

It makes you sad…and then angry…and then sad again.

You want to defend yourself against such accusations. So, you find a lawyer to plead your case. He puts you on a retainer. You pray you won’t have to use it all. Perhaps when all is said and done and there’s leftover money, you can have him draft up your wills.

Oh how naive I was – three years ago – when the nightmare began.

THREE YEARS of my life has been spent worrying over something I didn’t do. Sleepless nights, agonizing over every detail. What could we have done differently? How did we get here? How do they even have a case against us? Why can’t we get this dismissed already?

All while the legal bills keep mounting.  I estimate we are out $10k in legal fees to date.

Here’s what I should have done when this started.


But instead, I listened to friends and family saying to fight it. An attorney who said they don’t have a case and to stay the course. A husband who claimed he would rather pay an attorney instead of giving them a penny.

“It will make you look guilty” everyone said, if we settled.

To me, it makes us look like assholes for not offering them money in the first place.

So here I sit, ready to offer a settlement I know they don’t deserve. A settlement that to them might make us look guilty. A settlement that will finally bring me peace. A settlement that could mean moving on from this ordeal.

I am right with myself.

I am right in knowing we didn’t do anything wrong. I am at peace if they will feel differently for the rest of their lives. If they wish ill will on me for all eternity.


When this is over and the dust has settled, I will write about what happened.


Tell me,

Have you ever been sued? What was the outcome? How did you find peace?



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