Downsizing When Upsizing


A few years ago, my husband and I were longing for our own bathroom, attached garage and a neighborhood for our son to grow up in. Our house was small and boxy. If I was in the kitchen, I couldn’t see my son playing in the other room.

I know, I know, first world problems.

So, we moved out of our smaller house (1600 sq ft) into a larger one (2100 sq ft)  – anticipating another child would be on the way eventually.

At the same time, my sister, her husband and their four children decided to downsize. They went from a 2800 sq ft house to 1400. Three baths to 1.75. Four spacious bedrooms to three small ones. WITH.FOUR.GIRLS. They ranged in age from 1-8 years old.

We all thought she was crazy.  Why on earth would she downsize under those conditions? Finances weren’t a factor. They were doing well and could afford the larger abode. So what gives?

Now I get it. After living in our house close to three years, I long for a smaller space. We don’t even utilize all the rooms in the house. Everyone says “Oh you’ll grow into the house. You’ll be happy for the space when the kids are older.” But what I want to say is:

I’m sick of cleaning the larger home. The lawn takes two hours to mow. We have such large flower beds that need pruning, mulching, weeding and watering. Long sidewalks and driveway that need shoveling. Porch and deck that needs sweeping. Leaves that need to be raked no matter the season.

Ok, I sense that you think I live in a McMansion. I can assure you I don’t. It’s a relatively normal size home. But for me it feels huge to me. When you spend your weekends tending the homestead, you don’t get to really enjoy it. Plus, with two young kids it’s difficult to do anything without the supervision of another adult.

If a smaller home in our development opened up at a reasonable price, I would toy with the idea of moving into it. Our neighborhood has kids in practically every house with parents I feel are my kind of people. I would never want to lose that sense of community or the friendships we made.

I know my husband would be completely against moving. We did end up getting the house for a really good price in a wonderful area. Our mortgage is more than manageable and the property has already gone up in value. From an investment stand point, it was a solid choice.

Now of course the grass is always greener on the other side, right? If I had the smaller house I would be griping about how little room we had. But right now I long for the cozy feel of a smaller house as well as less maintenance.

One things for sure, when the kids leave the nest, a smaller house will be in the forefront of my mind.

Tell me,

Do you regret upsizing? How big is your home? Do you feel like you utilize the space?



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