Is FIRE for me?

FIRE. The concept of Financial Independence Retire Early. On the surface, I’m screaming “YES SIGN ME UP! LET’S DO IT!” But at what cost?

Quite a bit actually.

For the die-hard FIRE folks, they will sacrifice life’s smallest luxuries to reach FIRE as soon as possible. Vacations, convenient transportation, shoe-box size homes, children, new clothes, etc. Not everyone, but most.

Here’s where I differ:

  • I REFUSE to give up my morning espresso – brewed AT HOME – from the finest beans Italy has to offer. I don’t care that it costs more than the average cup of ‘joe. I look forward to it every.single.morning. When you have two small children, you grasp on to anything that gives you a reprieve – even for just a moment.
  • I refuse to give up my $8 bar of soap, favorite shampoo, yearly family beach trip, the sporadic dining out (we prefer cooking at home anyway), hulu/netflix subscriptions and the occasional home decor purchase.
  • I will keep buying (instead of making my own) laundry detergent, hand soap, candles and cleaning products.
  • I will pay for my kids to play whatever sport, musical instrument, hobby they want to pursue.
  • I dream about all the fun vacations my children and I will take once they are old enough to truly enjoy them – snorkeling in St. Thomas, swimming with the pigs in the Bahamas, hiking Machu Picchu, bobsledding in Austria, Broadway shows in NYC, diamond mining in Arkansas – the list is endless.
  • Dare I say I think about a possible vacation home? <gasp> That is if the above travels results in a place I never want to leave.

Are you hearing the cha-ching’s?

Does this disqualify me from the FIRE movement? At what point have people gone too far in their savings? When they stop enjoying the life they have now, in the hope that they can enjoy it even more later – when there are no guarantees they’ll even reach that point?

Tell me,

What are some of the guilty pleasures you refuse to give up?

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