Is FIRE for me?

FIRE. The concept of Financial Independence Retire Early. On the surface, I'm screaming "YES SIGN ME UP! LET'S DO IT!" But at what cost? Quite a bit actually. For the die-hard FIRE folks, they will sacrifice life's smallest luxuries to reach FIRE as soon as possible. Vacations, convenient transportation, shoe-box size homes, children, new clothes, … Continue reading Is FIRE for me?

A Tale of Two Sets of Parents

As an accountant, I am fascinated by the way people earn and spend their money. I'm also intrigued at my own family history of money. In regards to my parents versus my in-laws, the way they spent their hard earned cash couldn't be more different and it's shaped the way Jay and I view our … Continue reading A Tale of Two Sets of Parents

Six Figures & Broke

As an accountant, I see various income levels...and the personalities that go along with them. There's the hardworking class: These are the individuals who makes $50k or families who earn less than $100k. They have respectable retirement accounts, a cushion of savings and an affordable mortgage. Some have children and are diligently socking away what … Continue reading Six Figures & Broke